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The Cultural Centres of Brussels

What are the different Cultural Centres of Brussels?
What are their goals, features, targets?

In this section you will find everything you need to know, including the portraits of the 12 members of our network, with exclusive photos and videos!

All different, all united

In Brussels, there are 11 Cultural Centres supported by the French Community. These Centres plan their day-to-day activities following their own agenda within the context of the capital - the heartbeat of Europe - while working in tandem with a broadening cultural activity.

Each Cultural Centre has its own features. Thanks to their teams of professional animators, they set up various activities created in close and dynamic collaboration with the local population as well as with the charity sector.

Our 12 Cultural Centres collaborate regularly with many different important actors in the sector, including more than 600 associations.

A wide variety of artistic genres

Having at their disposal theatres, concert halls, exposition halls and multi-purpose rooms, the Cultural Centres of Brussels play a major role in providing arts to the masses by promoting artists from the Francophone Community, as well as artists from Europe and beyond, by means of a dynamic and versatile programme: theatre, contemporary dance, cinema, visual arts, world music, classical music, jazz, french music, rock, hip-hop, documentaries, conferences, debates, “café philo”, festivals, thematic events, theatre and cinema for kids, storytelling...

Permanent Education

The Cultural Centres also work hand in hand with local associations and citizens. This, coupled with their knowledge of their surroundings, enables them to offer a real community service through activities such as expression and creativity workshops, internships, cultural support, artistic initiations and many more. In this respect, they are undoubtedly the most valuable means for permanent education through local community services. Most of Brussels’ Cultural Centres are focal points of the Zinneke Parade.

The public of the Cultural Centres of Brussels

By the extraordinary variety of activities that they propose and by their location in all of the capital’s neighbourhoods, the Cultural Centres bring together people of all ages from different social and cultural horizons, from Brussels and beyond. Thus, they contribute to the development of democracy generally speaking and make our towns and neighbourhoods better places to live.

Objectives of the Cultural Centres in the French Community : History and Decree

Concertation des Centres Culturels Bruxellois

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