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The Coordination: Our Role

Proximity through a network of 12 Cultural Centres

The Coordination of Cultural Centres in Brussels is a network of 11 Cultural Centres recognised by the French Community of Brussels. Set up as an association in 2005, it is funded by the French Community and the Cocof - since 2010 - for relevant projects.


The Coordination’s objectives are to :

a) encourage and reinforce ties between field operators and its members throughout Brussels;

b) establish a forum for analysis and discussion on the socio-cultural sector in Brussels. The democratic stakes of local cultural action has to be centralised and relayed to other partners by the “dome structure” of the Coordination in Brussels, a city where the social and economic inequalities tend to limit access to culture;

c) develop sociocultural intervention strategies in Brussels while emphasizing the importance and attributes of each Cultural Centre;

d) develop projects promoting an across-the-board approach for all its members who could not accomplish them otherwise.

Concertation des Centres Culturels Bruxellois

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