Le Fourquet

Cultural Centre of Berchem-Sainte-Agathe

Like the Cultural Centre’s name which originates from the brewer’s tool, the Fourquet’s aim is to brew cultures, genres, people and ages together through an array of projects involving the constituency’s citizens. Dynamism, democracy, interactivity... and sustainable development: just some of the Fourquet’s focuses.

Located on the historical site of the old brewery of Berchem-Sainte-Agathe, the francophone Cultural Centre has chosen as emblem and name the Fourquet, the brewer’s tool. Thus, since its creation in 1997, the Fourquet’s goal is to brew cultures through the mixing of people of all genres and ages.

Geographically, the Centre is unique: this small constituency of 20 000 people is part of the Brussels area but possesses its very own characteristics. With the strengths and weaknesses of a peripheral urban constituency, Berchem-Sainte-Agathe has a very dense associative sector, a majority of single-family homes, many green spaces, a few SMEs but little cultural diversity...

What is special about the Fourquet is to continuously offer projects in which the citizens themselves are the actors, such as “Art citoyen, rêvons notre commune” (2002), “La fabuleuse histoire du dragon et du petit peuple de Berchem” (2004), “Mille à bord” (2006), “La campagne des électeurs” (2007, 2008, 2009), the “Zinneke Parade” (since 2010), “Jardins secrets” (2010) and “Culture en chantier” (2011-2012). All these projects are accessible to the people of Berchem who wish to participate in the creation of their own Cultural Centre: they discuss, conceive, create and launch the majority of the projects of “their” Centre. Therefore, the Fourquet is based on values of democracy, interactivity, locality, dynamism and openness, all the while respecting the tripod of plurality, animation and public-private associations. The founders’ aim was to go beyond local associations and assemble everyone into the Cultural Centre’s project.

As the Cultural Centre gained influence in Berchem, it became an essential partner for all social and cultural projects. The Fourquet is the perfect place for exchanges between all the cultural and social associations thanks to its presence in numerous committees. The animation team and the cultural council create, beyond mere coordination, a cooperation between different partners in order to go beyong the basic accumulation of activities and bring a new shared dimension to the collaboration.

Beyond these projects, the Fourquet offers varied activities:


- An annual 6-show “discovery” pass
- An annual festival of contemporary Belgian music: Emergence
- An annual festival for Street Theatre: the Visueel Festival Visuel (in partnership with de Kroon)


- Technical art Workshops intended for children and adults
- Literary Workshops: writing workshops in collaboration with the Public Library (greeting cards, tales, calligraphy, book binding...)
- Contemporary artistic projects: the Campagne des électeurs, Echarpe s’échappe, the Boîte à trocs, the Redmarket…


- A network of knowledge composed by numerous clubs: Knitting-Café, Book Club, Conversation Tables, Walking Clubs…
- An active partnership in the Agenda 21 process launched by the constituency: solidarity groups, solidarity gardens, active group reflection on sustainable development, …


- Participation in numerous local events: “Place aux enfants”, …
- Participation in intergenerationnal activities: “Carrefour des générations”, …
- Shows for pupils in collaboration with local schools


- Participation in local, regional and community projects like the Heritage Day, National Mobility Day, the “Fureur de lire”, the “Printemps des centres culturels”, the French Community celebrations...

In addition, the Fourquet also belongs to the Symbios 1082 concept. Term employed in French and in Dutch, it refers to the coordination of both Francophone and Flemish cultural institutions of Berchem-Sainte-Agathe.

Because Sustainable Development is first and foremost a change of behaviour and that culture has it’s part to play, the Fourquet has decided to position itself as an actor in the sector by offering activities inviting each and everyone to think, debate and exchange about our future.

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Place de l’Eglise, 15
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