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Maison de la Création

Cultural Centre of Brussels North

Encourage artistic creation through practice is one the Maison de la Création’s (House of Creation) main objectives, making its numerous workshops the core of its social-artistic programme. Amongst the Cultural Centre’s activities, let’s highlight its work with local associations and residents, as well as a long partnership with the CPAS and the City of Brussels.

"CREATE ART+CREATE JOY", our way of saying "social-artistic"

Discover the wide range of workshops in MOVEMENT, MUSIC, VISUAL ARTS, THEATRE

To be creative is to participate, share, exchange, find a way, a meaning by oneself and with others. A vast programme that the Cultural Centre of Brussels North loves to offer: individual expression, collective creations with fun being the essential component; instruments, voices and bodies feeding the imagination. Workshops, courses and events all year round, for you, by you, with you at the Maison de la Création!

The Maison de la Création is a Cultural Centre which aims to encourage each and everyone’s artistic creations through practice! Since 2003, the workshops are at the heart of the project. Once the basics have been taught, such as our link to the body, the rhythm and hearing, each discipline is approached with rigour, yet also with inventiveness.

The key words here are fun, work, imagination and group. If you have things to tell, to express, the artists that run the workshops are willing to help you put your project into practice. So, don’t be afraid, comme into (un)charted territories and (re)connect to the force of creation. To make music, to paint, to dance or to act, is to become oneself. Like children who play, there’s nothing more important yet frivolous.

Alongside the weekly art workshops, the Maison de la Création continues to work with local charities and residents. Strong long-term partnerships are developing with the Cité Culture Cultural Centre, in the heart of the Cité Modèle and the Community Centre Nekkersdal (worked with them on “Living Brussels” as well as on the preparation for the “Zinneke Parade” in 2012).

Another major part of the Centre’s work occurs behind the scenes, as manifest in a long-term partnership with the CPAS (social help) of the City of Brussels. Dozens of courses have been set up for its members throughout Brussels.

Social cohesion is also at the heart of the EOLE project (acronym in french for: expression, oral and written language). In close partnership with Chom’hier, the project’s goal is to offer theatre workshops to recent immigrants.

The Centre also encourages and houses regular partner initiatives such as Picol asbl, Music Fund, Laeken Découverte, CNCD 11.11.11, etc.

Finally, as if the Centre wasn’t busy enough, the Cultural Centre is open to resident artists. Art and culture united! Most of the events planned at the Maison de la Création are free. There are fees for courses and workshops, but discounts are available.


After six years of renovation, the old Town Hall of Laeken is home for the second time to the Maison de la Création. This listed building of an impressive size offers even more room for resident artists, shows and workshops. Indeed, this beautiful setting, also home to the Main Library of Brussels II, a police antenna and a few local services, provides 23 “luxurious” rooms for artists and workshop participants. This makes the Town Hall a beehive of artistic creation for each and everyone !

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The Coordination of Cultural Centres met up with Jacques-Yves Le Docte, Director of the Cultural Centre of Brussels North.

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