The Cultural Centre of Schaerbeek

The Cultural Centre of Schaerbeek : a place of expression for citizens of all backgrounds and cultures. Here, groups, charities and artists seek and find a helping hand and effective relay for their projects. Amongst the anticipated events each year : “Ciné Canapé”, “Unboxing”, “Couleurs Septembre”, “Parcours d’Artistes” and “La Nuit des Femmes”.

The Cultural Centre of Schaerbeek opened in 1999 and benefited from the support of the local government from the very beginning. It was recognised by the French Community in 2006 and promoted to "Category 3" Centre in 2010. The Cultural Centre of Schaerbeek is presided over by Mrs Afaf Hemamou.

A “colourful” house

The Cultural Centre of Schaerbeek is located Rue de Locht, in the heart of the neighbourhood, where people of different backgrounds mix, but sometimes also ignore themselves. The Centre has become, by circumstance and thanks to the enthusiasm of the teams throughout the years, the place to express this cultural diversity.

The charities and artists have found, Rue de Locht, a listening ear and an effective relay for their expression and promotion.

The Cultural Centre has mobilised and gained the loyalty of a public which, besides the activities themselves, has taken to the relaxed atmosphere of the place at the crossroads of disciplines and cultures. The Cultural Centre of Schaerbeek, more than a venue, is an idea where energy, goodwill and realism combine.

Cultural Programme

The 2012-2013 season will begin with a major event organised by the Wallonia-Brussels International Federation, with the support of the Minister of Culture of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and his counterpart of the Kingdom of Morocco : DABA Maroc.

DABA Maroc showcases artistic creation emanating from “Contemporary Morocco”, be it here or there, from October 2012 to January 2013.

The Cultural Centre of Schaerbeek is taking part in this initiative with all the events of November centred around Morocco : films, exhibitions, story telling and exchanges...

The Parcours des artistes, a Schaerbeek-based and biennial event, organised by the Deputy Mayor of Culture and the Maison des Arts (House of Arts), began the new season on the weekends of September 29 and October 6. During these two weekends, there was no less than 250 artists to discover !

All year round, the now traditional Ciné Canapé takes place the final Friday of each month. The projections are followed by debates with numerous participants.

Unboxing, a monthly focus on an artist and his work, will be another opportunity to discover and share. The director Zenel Laci opened the season with a the play “Human Beauty” the 21 September.

As for the monthly Dimanches Contés, Sundays will have a more magical feel for the young, as they embark on story telling tales.

Other events this season include, amongst others, “Weekend des enfants” in December and “La nuit des Femmes” in March.

A Creative Centre

Numerous workshops accessible to all through low pricing bring life to the Centre. The Cultural Centre of Schaerbeek has thus put into place a dozen creative workshops for all ages, with discounts for Schaerbeek residents. An annual event showcasing the workshop’s work is organised during the month of June.

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