Wolubilis supports visual arts with the general public and schools, in addition to organising events and playing a part in permanent education. Recently, the Centre has acquired a new “laboratory” space, the Bissectine, which seeks to develop new cultural practices, interdisciplinary works of art and experimentation while mixing visual arts and performing arts.

Contemporary Art in the Spotlight

The Cultural Centre of Woluwe-Saint-Lambert is recognised by the French Community since 1981. If the Centre is the main vector of community and cultural life, it specifically focuses, on the one hand, on supporting the visual arts with the general public and schools. On the other, the new building opened up new horizons, with a strong axis on performance arts, the promotion of artists from the French Community as well as developing the Woluminis, a series of shows for children.

A quarter of a century of commitment to initiative which, with synergy and open-mindness, are frequently developed in partnership or in collaboration with other local or other institutions.

Four main axis have developed over time:

- Promotion of Contemporary Visual Arts: the exhibition hall La Médiatine showcases monographies of artists, themed expositions linked to current affairs and international expos and the Médiatine prize. It is also a stepping stone for other extra muros projects (expos, visual arts in public spaces,...)

- Distribution: numerous young audience shows and support for French Community artists.

- Events: essentially centred around the development of performance arts (Fêtes Romanes, Fête de la Musique, Truc Troc au Bozar, etc.).

- Permanent Education: this axis has developed through the Centre of Expression and Creativity « Les Ateliers du Temps Libre » as well as through mediation tools such as conferences, guided tours, cultural trips... all centred around contemporary art. Schools also have access to different activities thanks to the Education Service of Wolu-Culture.

Today, the Cultural Centre of Wolubilis has a new “laboratory” space, the Bissectine, devoted to interdisciplinary works of art, new cultural practices, and experimentation while mixing visual arts and performing arts. This space of dialogue between the creating artists and the public hosts nowadays activities as diverse as performances, scenic creations, plays for young audiences, residing artists, conferences,...

Also, maximising the new site of Wolubilis and its theatre, the Cultural Centre hosts and organises the Young Audience Theatre Woluminis in collaboration with “Pierre de lune”.

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The Coordination of Cultural Centres in Brussels interviewed Solange Wonner, director at the Cultural Centre of Wolubilis.
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